Fully Funded Doctoral Fellowships for Indonesian Students, Northwestern University, USA

Fully funded fellowships are available for talented young Indonesian graduates holding at least undergraduate degree (S1).

The scholarship foundation is seeking candidates in the field of Anthropology, Development Studies, History, Journalism and Communications, Law, Political Science, and Sociology. This is a unique “1+6” educational scholarship program leading to a doctoral degree. For the first year, fellows will be funded to be in residence at Northwestern University, Chicago – USA as pre-doctoral researchers.

Fellows will take advance English language training, write research paper, and take graduate classes for the field of study they want. The next six year period, fellows will receive full tuition fees, living expenses, research & travel expenses, and other funding necessary for their doctoral study.

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Level of Education

Scholarships available for Doctoral degree only.
Subjects or Fields of Study

Scholarships available for the following fields of study:

Development Studies
Journalism and Communications
Political Science

Amount of Scholarships

This scholarship will pay full 100% tuition fees, stipend for living expenses, research & travel expenses, and other necessary funding for your doctoral study.
Duration of Scholarships

Scholarships available for the duration of the program.


To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria below:

Applicants must be Indonesian citizens.
Applicants must hold at least undergraduate degree (S1) and have strong academic performance in their field of study.
Applicants must hold a minimum score of 80 for iBT TOEFL or 6.5 for IELTS with test date after June 1, 2015.
Applicants must have a very deep commitment in academic career of teaching, publication and research.
Applicants are not yet in a PhD program.

Number of Scholarships Available


Scholarships available for Indonesian citizens only.
Selection Criteria

Please take note on the above eligibility criteria carefully. Applicants must show commitment to become a world class scholar devoted to academic career of teaching, publication and research.
How to Apply

You must apply online via their online application website. Please read the user guide available on their website for more info before applying the fellowship.
Application Deadline

The closing date for this fellowship is December 31, 2016.

Please take note of the deadline. Late submissions will not be entertained!
Result Notification

Please contact the scholarship foundation for more info about the result.
Important Notes

After obtaining your PhD, recipients of the scholarships will be required to serve as researchers or academic staff for the period equal to their academic support.
The scholarship foundation does not discriminate on basis of religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, national origin, etc. The foundation seeks young talented candidates from all around the country.
Women are encouraged to apply to this program.

For further info please visit: isrsf.org.

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