Sunday, November 6, 2016


Shortlisted candidates for 2016 JIM OVIA Scholarship. The Jim Ovia Foundation has started sending messages to successful candidates for the examination which is to held next month. However, they have not finished selecting candidates eligible for the examination. The message is of the format below:
Dear Applicant,
You have been shortlisted to take the *Jim Ovia Scholarship Qualifying Aptitude Exam*.
*Exam Details are as follows:*
Exam Date:* 19th of November 2016*
Time: *12:00 pm to 1:30pm*
Allotted time: *90 Minutes*
*Exam Preparation Tips:*
1) You must log in with the account details
provided to you below to take
the exam.
2) You have between today and the exam date
to log in and familiarize
yourself with the exam site.
3) You must complete the *90 minute
exam* within that time frame allotted
as the exam can only be written once.
4) There will be no re-takes of the exam so you
are advised to plan your
internet connection access ahead of the exam
5) The exam commences at *12pm sharp and
will terminate by
1.30pm* after which you will have no access to
6) There is no fee payable for taking the exam.
7) Please note that only candidates who meet
the cut off mark will be contacted for the next stage.
There is no need to contact the Foundation
after you take the exam.
*Exam Login-in Details/Instructions:*
Your username and password will be emailed to
Check your email as soon as possible to ensure you received it.
*Next, follow this link [1] to access the exam
page on our site.*
Enter the *username* and *password* emailed to
*Best of luck!*
*Jim Ovia Foundation*

The scholarship is worth N150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand naira) annually. To download the Scholarship Past Questions Click below

To apply for the scholarship click here

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