Monday, November 7, 2016

Apply for the Prolist Annual Salary Promo!! Win ₦200,000 Monthly Salary for 12 Months.

Prolist is an open directory of Top Professionals in Nigeria

This is a free service for recruiters, employers and HR Managers that enables them quickly discover and make contact with thousands of seasoned professionals. Recruiters now search, view and contact professionals on Prolist everyday for free.
Questions about this Promo
What is this promo really about?
Asides the ₦200,000 monthly salary reward, this promo is aimed at encouraging graduates, professionals and executives to be part of Prolist. This goes beyond getting contacted by employers/organizations, we also want professionals in Nigeria to have job security. So whether you are happily employed or still looking for a good job, Prolist was carefully built for you.

Is this free?
Yes, applying for this promo is 100% free. You would not be charged to apply or win in any form directly or indirectly.

How will I get my reward?
All winners will be paid via Instant bank transfer. If you are the salary winner, you would be paid the sum of ₦200,000 into your account every month for ONE YEAR ONLY. Please note that rewards will only be paid to winners who have accounts in the following banks below;

How many people will win?
There will be 11 winners in total. One person will win the ₦200,000 monthly salary for one year, and 10 others will win N100,000 each for simply referring other professionals.

How credible is this?
Prolist is in partnership with PushCV, which is a registered trademark of SHARPHIRE GLOBAL LIMITED - RC 1206163. PushCV launched officially on the 10th of October 2014 and is currently the largest database of prescreened candidates in Nigeria. In the 4th quarter of 2015 alone PushCV screened and connected over 8,000 candidates to employers and organizations.
Due to some new policies by the government, 2016 promises to be a better year for the economy. That is why we are building this professional directory, Prolist.

Contact Details
If you need more information, please contact our customer service centre (9am - 5pm) on 09086314950 or you can send an email to, apply now.

Please take note: Prolist or PushCV will never ask you to make any payments directly or indirectly to win.

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